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Is Going to Law School Still Worth the Cost?

Is Going to Law School Still Worth the Cost?

Attending law school is generally believed to be a very wise investment. While the experience itself can be extremely costly, students are generally able to pay off their loans because of the lucrativeness of their career. Furthermore, it is argued that the lessons one learns in law school are invaluable, because they change the way one thinks and sees the world. However, several articles have been published in major media outlets since the onset of the recent economic depression that depict a different story. Lawyers are not immune to the high unemployment rate, and many are finding that they are unable to earn enough money to pay off their loans.

Two recently published articles depict the effects of the unemployment rate on those who have chosen law as a career route. Both articles come to the conclusion that aiming to become a lawyer may no longer be the investment it once was, and applying to law school might not be the wisest choice. An article on titled “A Case of Supply v. Demand” depicts the gloomy situation for recent graduates, who face too much competition for too few jobs. The article cites Richard Matasar, the dean of New York Law School, who claims that students “cannot earn enough income after graduation to support the debt they incur.” The article concludes that the situation will only be resolved if fewer students attend law school, which ultimately will help supply to meet demand.

Similarly, The New York Times’ “Is Law School a Losing Game?” addresses the contradiction that, while many reports show the bleak job market for new lawyers, law schools continue to claim that their graduates have no problem finding work. The article describes that this contradiction occurs because these schools are not only including jobs that are specifically law-oriented in their statistics, but rather, they are including any type of employment. According to the article, this could include “waiting tables at Applebees” or “stocking aisles at Home Depot.” Clearly, these jobs make it nearly impossible for students to pay back the hefty loans they have incurred after attending law school.

These and other similar articles beg the question: if law school is an unreliable investment for recent college graduates, then what is left to do? Is medical school the only other equally prestigious option? Or is the world changing and our studies should change to meet the new economic setting? What are other ways to wisely invest one’s time after graduating college? What do you think?…

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How Can a Personal Injury Case Affect Your Life?

How Can a Personal Injury Case Affect Your Life?

A personal injury case can affect a person in a wide variety of ways including physically, emotionally, and financially. Not only might these injuries influence one’s personal life, but also might affect one’s professional and family life. To make matters worse, these injuries may have devastating consequences for many years to come. Sometimes, they can even be permanent. For these reasons, it is a good idea to consult a personal injury lawyer before accepting any settlement.

Physical Impact

When most people pursue a personal injury case, it is because they have sustained some kind of physical injury that has resulted in pain and suffering. Sometimes the effects are short term, but they can be long term and may even be permanent. These injuries can impact a person’s ability to do simple things like sit or stand, or they may affect a person’s enjoyment of physical activities such as hiking or other sports.

Emotional Impact

The emotional impact of a personal injury case may be the most difficult to quantify, yet the effects are no less devastating. An injury lawyer will take into account such things as frustration with physical limitations. Add to that there is the emotional toil over financial issues and the impact on the family. In addition, many victims may suffer anxiety related directly to the accident itself. For example, the victim of a car accident may suffer from panic attacks at the thought of riding in a car again.

Financial Impact

The financial effects of a personal injury are easier to calculate, but it still can have serious consequences. The loss of income from missed work can combine with high medical bills to put a strain on a family’s budget. To make matters worse, this strain can become permanent if the injuries result in long-term disabilities. The family may be forced to pay for physical therapy, long-term medical care, and other expenses such as help with child-care or housecleaning.

Family Effects

A personal injury case can also have a significant impact on the family of the victim. There is the obvious stress of enduring the financial hardship and watching a loved one suffer. However, this impact can go even deeper. For example, a mother may no longer be able to care for her children, because she can no longer pick them up. Couples may also have a loss of a physical relationship due to pain or limitations of movement.

Professional Effects

The professional effects of a personal injury case can reach far beyond a few missed days of work. In some cases, an accident can result in a permanent disability. It can also alter a person’s ability to perform a job so that he or she is forced to seek a different career completely. Not only might this result in diminished wage earning capacity, but also it could be demoralizing for someone whose identity is wrapped up in his or her career.

There is no doubt that a personal injury case can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Those effects might be physical, emotional, or financial, and may affect the victim’s personal, family, or professional life. Sometimes those effects are very difficult to quantify, but a good injury lawyer can help guide a person through the process, reducing the stress and ensuring a fair monetary settlement.…

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Getting Right Child Custody Attorneys In Los Angels To Meet Your Needs

Children are most important part our life and that is why we need to have right in the case of a divorce. In Los Angels, there are many attorneys available but you need to search out which lawyer will best suit your situation. It might be difficult to determine how to find out qualified and reliable. The main goal for a is to search for the most fitting arrangement that serves the best interests of the child. Below are some considerations for a parent who are willing to hire a child custody attorney.

In order to accomplish the best interest of your, it is essential to choose right child visitation. You will need the lawyers who have years of experience in handling cases related to matters in Los Angels and should expertise in child custody law. Parents who want to hire child custody attorney Los Angels should consider the following-

Does the attorney have experience in child law?

Before finally selection of your attorney, ask the attorney how long she/he has been practicing and how many cases she/he has handled and settled without a long duration of court.

Honest attorney?

Pay special attention to the attorney’s plans and strategies to handle and win your child visitation case.

What will be the fees associated with your case?

It is very vital to know the fees related to your case because sometimes your hiring lawyers can ask for extra costs by telling high complexity involved of case. In general, fees associated with child custody may be in the following form – flat rate hourly rate or combination of the both if your case really be the on the peak of the complexity.

The attorneys can raise you all concerning yourself before they take the case. Find out however long the attorneys has had apply in los angels cases. Do not be afraid to raise their rate of success. You must raise their rate of pay by the hour and the way a lot of further it’d value to travel to court. Some attorneys can talk terms their wages whereas others resist on their rate of pay. Check that that you simply have the kind of professional who can continue you thru the total case and not pass you off to a legal aid assistant throughout the method.

What are the child custody rights?

You as a parent should know some of the basics of child custody rights. You can defend yourself of paying some big amount in the pocket of money minded lawyers by getting some basic rule of child rights. It will not only save you time but also some bucks.

What are your child interests? Know them

What does your interested in? If you know them you will have big chance to win the case. Lawyers can ask about it. Try to know your child’s interests as much as possible.

Where to find right child visitation consultation?

Whether you live in Los Angels or its surrounding areas, is your local child custody attorney Los Angels. Here you will get stress-free consultation and experienced visitation lawyers at no hidden costs. They will serve you friendly with complete loyalty.

Above mentioned facts are the key to win your child custody case. Hire them without any hesitation and if you want to find more information about choosing a you can ask family members, colleagues, and friends.…

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Virginia Divorce What is Equitable Distribution?

In any Virginia divorce case, one of the issues that will almost certainly come up is “equitable distribution.” Virginia’s divorce law has a section concerning the division of the parties’ property. That is ?? 20-107.3 of the Virginia Code.

That section authorizes the Circuit Court judge in a divorce to divide the parties’ property and decide how the parties will pay their debts. The parties’ residence, savings and pension rights are usually the largest assets. Sometimes one of the parties has a business that was either started during the marriage or expanded during the marriage. Debts will typically include a mortgage and perhaps credit card balances owed.

The general rule in Equitable Distribution

The general rule is that money earned by the parties during the marriage and assets acquired with it are marital property. Property the parties owned separately before the date of marriage or acquired later by gift or inheritance are considered separate property. The Circuit Court judge in a divorce case can divide only marital property. Separate property cannot be divided by the court.

The fact that property is held in the name of only one of the spouses may not matter. As long as it can be proved that the funds used to buy the property were marital, then the property will be treated as marital and divided by the court.

Case example of Equitable Distribution in a Virginia Divorce

I recently finished a case in which the husband purchased a house shortly before the parties married. He took title in his name only. All of the money used to pay the mortgage was marital. That is, it came from the husband’s paychecks. I represented the wife and we persuaded the Circuit Court judge in Virginia Beach that the house was marital.

The husband appealed the case to the Virginia Court of Appeals twice. The first time the Court of Appeals said the judge did not use the correct method in analyzing whether the property was marital and sent the case back to him. The judge again found the property was marital and the husband appealed a second time. The second time the Court of Appeals concluded that the judge had analyzed the case correctly and affirmed his decision. This is the second opinion.

Mixed assets

Where the parties used both marital and separate property to buy an asset, the court can determine what portion of the property is marital and what portion is separate. A common example of this situation would be where the parties buy a house and use money from an inheritance to make the down payment and then make all of the mortgage payments from the salaries or wages they earned during the marriage. The marital portion can be divided but the separate portion belongs to the spouse who contributed it unless it can be shown that they meant to make a gift of it to the other spouse.

The apportionment of debts

The apportionment of debts also depends on whether they are marital. Whether a debt is marital depends on whether it was acquired for a “marital purpose.” The classic example of a debt that was not incurred for a marital purpose would be where the husband has a $15,000 American Express balance for a vacation taken with his mistress. Debts incurred for legitimate marital expenses are marital and the judge can divide them between the parties.

If you need legal advice about your Virginia Divorce call us now to (757) 491-0240 or (757) 619-5304 or visit our website…

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Considerations When Purchasing or Driving a Truck – Think About Accidents!

One of the main concerns when purchasing a vehicle should be safety, especially if it is intended for a family vehicle. If you are looking for a truck for work or just because you like trucks, one thing to consider is, for the most part, trucks are safer than cars in a car to truck collision because they are bigger, sit higher, have a full frame under them and have more mass than a car.
But on the downside, trucks have a higher likelihood of turning over than a car does due to its higher center of gravity. But when judging from truck to truck looking for the safest vehicle you should take the advice from someone who knows.
2010 Safety Ratings and Statistics
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration knows. They do extensive crash testing of trucks to determine which vehicle ranks highest across six parameters. The numbers for the 2011 trucks have not been published, but for 2010 they have determined that the Chevrolet Silverado, the GMC Sierra, and the Toyota Tacoma have tested the highest in safety.
Frequency of accidents involving trucks rank third, behind cars, which ranked first, followed by SUV’s, which seems to correlate with the numbers owned. The holiday season, October through December, rate the highest numbers of accidents, Thanksgiving being the top producer of injury and death. While the most often crashed day is Friday, I wonder if it is because everyone is in a hurry to get home from work and start their weekend, or because of people going out and drinking on the weekend? Maybe it’s a combination of the two.
And oddly enough, most accidents occur in the day time in fair weather. I wonder if that is because more people are out driving. And it seems that, contrary to popular belief, males out number females in accidents by 20%. Is that because there are that many more males or those women actually do drive better than men? Obviously it’s because there are more men.
What Causes Accidents?
Tailgating, reckless driving and failure to yield rank as the top three causes for accidents, and persons aged 16-20 are the most oft crashed. Of course most of the fatal accidents involved alcohol, and many persons were injured or killed due to the lack of seat belt use. Approximately one quarter of fatal, and nearly half of injury accidents occur on the interstate, while around 75% of intersection accidents occurred in urban surroundings.
The best way to decrease these numbers is to drive safer. Don’t drink and drive doesn’t necessarily refer just to alcohol. If you can’t walk and chew gum, why do you think you can drive and eat that cheese burger? Also, if you are tired, rest, or STOP and get a caffeinated drink like coffee or a soda. And for goodness sakes, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE! This is a serious problem among the younger crowd today and needs to be addressed.
Buckle Up!
Follow the speed limit signs, they are not suggestions, they are the law! Buckle up! Pay attention to your surrounding at all times and always expect the other diver to not be paying attention. Obey traffic signs and lights, yellow means caution the light is changing prepare to stop, not floor it! Stop signs mean stop, they don’t mean slow down and look to see if anyone is coming then resume speeding. Just because you are in a truck doesn’t make you safer. All vehicles are dangerous if not operated properly and safely. Follow the rules and drive safe, not just because the life you save may be your own, but just because you might save a life.…

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Detecting Nursing Home Abuse

Detecting Nursing Home Abuse

Nearly everybody reaches the age where they will need extra help with their everyday living. Our elderly were once vibrant and youthful children and adults who worked hard to earn a living and raise their own families. When the day comes when we can no longer care for our elderly parents, we will have to look for a reliable nursing home or extended living facility.

Nursing homes are a necessary part of our society, for they provide the elderly with the round-the-clock care that they desperately need. As men and women age, their needs are much like the needs of a young infant; therefore, it is often necessary to place our loved ones in a nursing home where they can get the care they need.

Nursing homes are paid good money by private individuals and by the state to care for elderly individuals; unfortunately their standard of care is not always where it should be. Overcrowded nursing homes and understaffing have created an environment where nursing home neglect can occur as a result. Even when caregivers have the best intentions, elderly patients can be pushed aside, or their needs can be neglected when there are staff shortages.

Aside from overworked and underpaid staffing issues, there’s something far more worse going on in our nation’s nursing homes. Sadly, there have been thousands of cases where nursing homes were downright abusive towards elderly patients. This may seem like something that can’t possibly happen in your nursing home, but the truth is that the problem is far more widespread than people have been led to believe. What types of abuses go on behind closed doors? Virtually anything you can imagine has probably already occurred. Nursing home abuse can be physical, it can be emotional, it can involve sexual abuse, overmedicating, malnutrition, and it can involve financial exploitation.

Physical abuse within a nursing home would consist of unnecessary use physical restraints, hitting, slapping, and punching among other types of abuse. It can also mean overmedicating or heavily sedating a patient as a means of control.

Sexual abuse can include: fondling, molestation, and sexual assault/rape, sexual battery, forcing the elderly individual to watch pornographic material and forcing them to undress. Emotional abuse can consist of threats, belittling and social isolation. All of which can lead to psychological distress in the elderly patient. Financial exploitation can refer to when a caregiver steals cash out of an elderly person’s wallet or purse, it can mean taking money out of their bank accounts and it can mean writing checks from the elderly person’s checking account. It can also mean a full-fledged identity theft scheme where the caregiver steals their social security number, birth certificate and credit cards. Sometimes financial exploitation can go undetected for years before it is brought to light.

If your loved one is in a nursing home and if you have observed some things that didn’t sit right with you, you should start looking further into your concerns. Have you noticed any unexplained bruising? Is your loved one afraid of his or her caregivers, or do they seem to argue with them? Are things missing from their room? Has money or jewelry gone missing, or is money missing from their bank accounts? Has there been any unusual activity on their credit cards or other accounts?

It’s also important to look around the room. Is it clean? Does your loved one look well fed, or have they recently experienced a sudden loss in weight? Are there any foul odors in the room; does your loved one have any bed sores? Are they making wild claims that somebody hurt them, or that somebody stole from them? It can be a common mistake to dismiss claims by the elderly, or chock up their complaints to Alzheimer’s, or wild hallucinations.

The elderly are very susceptible to being taken advantage of in more ways than one. Whether you suspect nursing home abuse, neglect, or if you think your loved one suffered from a wrongful death at the hands of their caregiver, then contact a personal injury attorney who has experience with these types of cases. They can help you with the legal aspects, and they can help bring the abuser to justice so that nobody else has to be harmed by them.…

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Find Out If You Deserve Compensation For Your Injury

Find Out If You Deserve Compensation For Your Injury

Although you might think that finding a good New York liability attorney will be complicated, it could actually be quite simple. Of course, to find the best attorney for your case, you have to be willing to do your share of research. As there are many attorneys to choose from in New York, you will have to know exactly what you are looking for.

It is important to do a bit of research in order to make sure that you have found a good match. After all, an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice may not be the best choice if you have been injured for example, while visiting a department store, which would require a New York premises liability expert.

Or maybe you want to file a lawsuit against a company because you were harmed by either a faulty product or because the product featured certain hazards which the company failed to mention on the product’s packaging or on a leaflet contained inside the package. New York liability cases occur much more often than you think, so you mustn’t feel as if you are the only one who wants to seek compensation from a company who has failed to manufacture a trustworthy product, whether it was accidental or not.

If you have been injured because a property owner has failed to make the premises safe for people, be it a hazardous step or a broken tile, the company is at fault for the accident. Any time a person or business takes on the ownership or maintenance of a property, they are also assuming any liability that could result from their negligence. If you have been injured due to such a situation, you could not only receive recompense for any medical bills that may have resulted, but also from any loss of wages due to having missed work. This is where having a New York liability lawyer can really come in handy, as they know exactly what you will be entitled to and can help you get it.

Not only does this apply to products or property, but this can also apply to situations such as a medical misdiagnosis, in which you could be compensated for mental and emotional distress. If you have sustained an accident through any of the following circumstances, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of a qualified New York attorney.…