Contractors Abroad Often Require Construction Accident Lawyer Services

Contractors Abroad Often Require Construction Accident Lawyer Services

Many contractors went to both Iraq and Afghanistan after the respective 2001 and 2003 invasions of those countries. Many contractors were sent for construction jobs, and due the highly volatile climate in either of those countries, many builders and contractors required the services offered by a construction accident lawyer. These services attempted to mitigate a wide range of needs. During the initial stages of the invasion and following occupation, workers needed legal services for basic workplace injuries, insurance purchases, and claims, to non-workplace injuries caused by actual combat occurring nearby.

Because many contractors were being physically hurt, kidnapped, or even killed, they and their families often required the services of a construction accident lawyer. Many of these lawyers were working with — and sometimes against — an array of insurance lawyers and their respective firms. Because construction work in politically and socially dangerous areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan is much different from work in the US, Canada, or Europe, many construction workers have special legal needs during and after their jobs abroad. As literally hundreds of thousands of men and women went to work in a non-military capacity in Iraq and Afghanistan, a large demand for these types of legal services was created as a result of either invasion. This phenomenon was in part what many critics pointed to as a part of the war industry, or, businesses and industries experiencing growth as a result of warfare.

Third party companies either issue or provide various options for insurance and legal services to their employees. Sometimes these are dictated by the government contract awarded to the winning company, while other times these contracting companies are free to bargain with any insurance, legal, or other type of subcontractor for the position. As hundreds of thousands of contractors have arrived in both of those countries respectively, the labor climate is highly complex, creating a situation in which many contractors and construction workers are unaware of any recourse they have upon workplace or battlefield injury. This is why many people have looked to the services of a construction accident lawyer before taking up work in dangerous places abroad.

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Non-coalition force nation workers have it even harder. Sometimes the labor laws of their home countries do not even afford them any legal recourse if injured on the job, and they are simply let go with no further pay. These contractor workers, often called Third Party Nationals, face severe repercussions if they are injured, kidnapped, or killed while working abroad. Their host companies are often not held responsible to pay the families any residuals as labor laws in developing countries are simply not as strong as those found in the US or Europe. Often these men are coming from extremely poor families and are sending 90% or more of their paychecks back home. If they are hurt or kidnapped, the stream of money to the family simply ends, and the hiring company looks for a replacement if necessary.