Deciding Between Repair and Replacement

Deciding Between Repair and Replacement

Fences are considered permanent structures since they are anchored in the ground and are difficult to remove. This does not mean, however, that they last forever. Over time, any fence, regardless of the material used to build it, can fall victim to nature.

When this happens, property owners may be faced with the difficult decision of whether to repair or to replace their fences. On the one hand, repairing is significantly cheaper and may be adequate. On the other hand, full replacement ensures that the fence will be fine for many years to come.

In some cases, there is a decision to be made while in others, the decision makes itself. For instance, widespread rotting, rusting, corrosion, or damage may warrant an entirely new fence, as the problem is too advanced just to repair. In these cases, individuals will end up replacing a majority of the fence, so it makes sense to replace the entire thing.

In other cases, certain sections may be damaged. This is where the decision can be tricky. Problems such as worn out or damaged hardware have obvious solutions: repair the fence by replacing the affected areas.

Other problems, like certain sections of a wood fence being rotten, for example, may be difficult to judge. In some cases, older parts may begin to break down as newer parts are installed. In these cases, individuals may end up performing so many repairs that it would have been cheaper just to replace the fence.

Then again, this is not always the case. Some fences hold up just fine after defective parts have been replaced. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

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