Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Felony: Important Facts to Know

Criminal defense lawyers know your life and liberty is greatly at risk of being cut down from a criminal felony charge. Even if you are criminally charged for a felony and not convicted you can still lose your job and suffer greatly from the social stigma. If charges have not been filed and you are being criminally investigated, now is the best time to hire a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer will preserve evidence in your favor and bring it to the prosecutor’s or police’s attention before they file charges. In most cases it is much easier for a lawyer to prevent criminal charges from being filed then trying to get them dismissed after charges have been filed.
Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect You from the Government’s Power
If you have been arrested, indicted, or are being investigated for a criminal offense, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your life. The earlier a criminal lawyer intercedes on your behalf, the better your chances of having a better result on your case. A criminal defense lawyer can protect rights you may not even be aware of in an investigation by police, prosecutor or detectives. It is very unusual and rare for a defendant charged with a serious crime to not benefit from having a private lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer will protect you from the government’s power and use of coercion, especially from overzealous prosecutors.
The Government Provides Public Defenders to Those Who Can’t Afford a Private Lawyer
Public defenders are lawyers that work for the government. Government-appointed lawyers are hired and paid by the state on a case-by-case basis. A public defender or appointed lawyer is made available to those not able to pay for a private lawyer. In such instances, you are not entitled to pick your lawyer, who may or may not have experience with your particular type of criminal law case.
You Have the Right to a Private Criminal Defense Lawyer
Private criminal defense lawyers having great case results are able to do so because they work with a team of top criminal lawyers, have a slew of experts and resources, and also have the necessary time to work on your case. All jurisdictions in the United States allow all persons to have a private criminal defense lawyer. It is your right, as stated in the United States constitution, to be represented by a lawyer for any type of case. You also have the right to a lawyer at any stage of the case, even before charges are filed and you are only questioned.
A Felony Charge Can Severely Hurt Your Life Forever
When convicted of a felony crime, whether you go to prison or not, your life may suffer serious consequences during imprisonment and after. Even if a criminal case is dismissed, when a case is filed, there is still a stain on the defendant’s record that may appear in a background check. No lawyer can stop your criminal record from showing up in an internet background check that comes up in seconds with the click of a button. A criminal conviction on your record will affect your ability to get any job, housing, obtaining a job license, getting a mortgage, higher education schooling, student loans, any government assistance programs and more. Furthermore, if you are convicted of a felony you are usually not eligible for low-income housing.
60% of Ex-Felons Remain Unemployed, Many Become Homeless
A 2007 study done by the National Institute of Justice found 60% of ex-felon offenders remain unemployed a year after their release. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation states that 75% people convicted of a felony are unemployed. Many unemployed felons have a low quality of life as panhandlers, camp out on the street and the lucky ones stay in homeless shelters, and eat at soup kitchens. Being unemployed makes a former criminal offender more likely to commit a crime and land right back in prison. The facts are clear, once you have been convicted of a crime you may end up revolving in and out of prison for the rest of your life or homeless.
Criminal Law is Not for Amateurs, it is Very Complex and Challenging
Criminal law is extremely lengthy and not for the feeble-minded. Aside from the intricacy of laws concerning criminal charges there exist laws regarding evidence, there are legal procedures, and deadlines strategically used by criminal defense lawyers. One innocent mistake by a lawyer not experienced in serious criminal defense, like missing a deadline or not responding in the required time period could cost you greatly and cause irreversible grave damage to your case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to assess the proper legal path to take throughout the case. A lawyer will also have the ability to identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses and counter them with a well devised strategy. Of course, a lawyer working with a team of lawyers, experts and having the necessary resources will be able to pool their criminal defense expertise and knowledge for your benefit.
Cost of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer
When your liberty is at stake and your life may be affected forever, you should hire the best criminal defense lawyer to protect you. Your life is valuable and this is not the time to skimp or shop around for the cheapest attorney. Consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer who lists at least some of their case results on their website and who also post their testimonials. Some of the best lawyer websites will even post reviews verified by another company. Know that the decisions you make now may determine how your life will be forever. What kind of life you will have is more important than the money used to hire a lawyer.
Many criminal defense lawyers bill hourly or have a flat fee arrangement. A lawyer giving a flat fee upfront will assure you get the legal representation and the retainer will assure you of no surprises. Many of the best criminal defense lawyers even offer payment plans because they are dedicated to offering the best legal representation and getting you the justice you deserve. However, know that the best lawyers also hire the best experts and use cutting edge resources to work effectively on your case and all these things come at a cost. Be prepared to pay a reasonable deposit for the best criminal defense lawyer.
If you do not have any money to pay a private lawyer, explain your dire circumstances to your friends and family and be sure to tell them how your life can be damaged forever if you don’t get help from a qualified lawyer now. Get a loan; many times you can even get a bad credit loan based on your assets like owning a home or car. Apply for credit or check your credit cards for unused credit. If you have a credit card you may also make a request to your credit card company to increase your balance.
Before talking about cost, first talk to the lawyer about your criminal charge or investigation to find out if the lawyer can help you. If the criminal defense lawyer can help you then the fee will be discussed. If the lawyer cannot help you, you may ask them to refer you to the right lawyer or source.
Criminal Defense Lawyers for White Collar Crimes
White collar crimes are criminal charges generally regarded as non-violent. Most white collar or federal cases involve fraud. If charged with a white collar crime, it is wise to choose a criminal defense lawyer working with a team of lawyers and experts and has the resources to give you the best legal representation and defense. Do not choose a lawyer just because he is a family friend. Your life is at stake and you need appropriate legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer. Know that a lawyer who works with legal business documents or processes is not automatically qualified to work on white collar criminal defense. Criminal defense is a completely different arena and it is best to hire a lawyer with experience in the criminal court room, laws and procedure.
White collar criminal charges, especially fraud, are currently being penalized and pursued ferociously by the FBI and U.S. lawyers. Now is not the time to sit back and wait for criminal charges to be filed if you or your associates are being investigated. It is imperative you hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately to lessen the severity of the charges that do get filed, steer the case in a favorable direction, or possibly prevent charges from being filed.
The Prosecutor’s Position
Prosecutors have power in determining what criminal charges are filed, which charges they are willing to change and the penalties. Criminal defense lawyers know how to have a relationship and communication with a prosecutor that works favorably for you. The top criminal defense lawyers know how important it is to communicate well and effectively with prosecutors. No book can teach that, this valuable experience is beyond price and can only be gained in working as a criminal defense lawyer.
Don’t Risk Your Life, Never Represent Yourself
Criminal laws and defense are elaborate and the complexity is beyond what you could ever attempt to learn about in a book. There are facets of criminal law not immediately visible to the amateur or lawyer just graduating law school. The best lawyers are not going to publish their winning strategies and expert resources in books for competitors to pick up. Don’t even give a second thought to representing yourself; hire a criminal defense lawyer for your life and future.
Do Not Plead Guilty because You Think the Odds are Against You. Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer
The prosecutor, detectives, or investigators may make you feel like they have all the evidence to convict you and you have no chance. Do not buy into this; hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately to preserve evidence in your favor and without delay conduct a private criminal investigation that will help you. A lawyer will also conduct an investigation as to how the evidence was obtained, stored and many other variables. A lawyer will also question witnesses and look at their history and character for flaws that weaken the prosecutor’s case.
You are the best reason to hire a competent criminal defense lawyer.

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