How Can a Personal Injury Case Affect Your Life?

How Can a Personal Injury Case Affect Your Life?

A personal injury case can affect a person in a wide variety of ways including physically, emotionally, and financially. Not only might these injuries influence one’s personal life, but also might affect one’s professional and family life. To make matters worse, these injuries may have devastating consequences for many years to come. Sometimes, they can even be permanent. For these reasons, it is a good idea to consult a personal injury lawyer before accepting any settlement.

Physical Impact

When most people pursue a personal injury case, it is because they have sustained some kind of physical injury that has resulted in pain and suffering. Sometimes the effects are short term, but they can be long term and may even be permanent. These injuries can impact a person’s ability to do simple things like sit or stand, or they may affect a person’s enjoyment of physical activities such as hiking or other sports.

Emotional Impact

The emotional impact of a personal injury case may be the most difficult to quantify, yet the effects are no less devastating. An injury lawyer will take into account such things as frustration with physical limitations. Add to that there is the emotional toil over financial issues and the impact on the family. In addition, many victims may suffer anxiety related directly to the accident itself. For example, the victim of a car accident may suffer from panic attacks at the thought of riding in a car again.

Financial Impact

The financial effects of a personal injury are easier to calculate, but it still can have serious consequences. The loss of income from missed work can combine with high medical bills to put a strain on a family’s budget. To make matters worse, this strain can become permanent if the injuries result in long-term disabilities. The family may be forced to pay for physical therapy, long-term medical care, and other expenses such as help with child-care or housecleaning.

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Family Effects

A personal injury case can also have a significant impact on the family of the victim. There is the obvious stress of enduring the financial hardship and watching a loved one suffer. However, this impact can go even deeper. For example, a mother may no longer be able to care for her children, because she can no longer pick them up. Couples may also have a loss of a physical relationship due to pain or limitations of movement.

Professional Effects

The professional effects of a personal injury case can reach far beyond a few missed days of work. In some cases, an accident can result in a permanent disability. It can also alter a person’s ability to perform a job so that he or she is forced to seek a different career completely. Not only might this result in diminished wage earning capacity, but also it could be demoralizing for someone whose identity is wrapped up in his or her career.

There is no doubt that a personal injury case can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Those effects might be physical, emotional, or financial, and may affect the victim’s personal, family, or professional life. Sometimes those effects are very difficult to quantify, but a good injury lawyer can help guide a person through the process, reducing the stress and ensuring a fair monetary settlement.