Weigh Your Options Before Changing Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Weigh Your Options Before Changing Your Personal Injury Lawyer

There are a number of reasons for which you might need to change your solicitor. One of the commonest issues is the matter of money. However, this does not mean that there can be no other issues around which a dispute might arise. There might be a conflict of interest between the two parties, which can lead to a rift between personal injury solicitors and their clients. It should also be noticed that these kinds of rifts usually take place if the solicitor is working on a no win no fee basis; that is, if the agreement between the two parties involve the payment of fees only if the case is resolved in the favour of the client.

Commonest Issues

In such cases, the solicitor is always pushed forth by the economic stakes; so, if by chance the lawyer feels that the case doesn’t have much chance of standing in court, he might push the client to opt for an out of court settlement with the respondent. While this can be beneficial, in certain other cases, it might not be so; the personal injury solicitor might as well opt for an out of court settlement even if the compensation can be higher if presented in court, simply because the former method is much easier and more confident.

Misunderstandings and Confusions

In many cases, however, the problems between a client and his solicitor can arise from the lack of proper advice. On the other hand, the reason might simply be a misunderstanding between the two parties. What sounds like bad advice to you might not necessarily be so; it might simply be that you really do not much like the advice because you, a layman in the field, are unable to grasp its significance. In such a situation, do give careful consideration to the matter before changing your personal injury solicitor.

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What to be Done?

It is best to hear him out and clear your doubts; it is highly likely that you are not being able to understand the implications. If the conflicts continue even after a lot of discussion, it is probably time to move on. However, do make sure that things do not turn bitter at any point.

Part ways on a cordial note, and work out all the dues once the contract has been terminated. Even if the lawyer was working with you on a conditional fee basis, he is still entitled to some percentage of the proceeds once the case is closed, not to mention the imbursements of the legal costs he had borne during his stint as your personal injury attorney.

Be Careful

Moving on from one solicitor is not a step that can be taken lightly. So, be on a lookout right from the moment you actually appoint one. If you have to make a change, it is best to do so as early as possible. If you are on legal aid, however, you can change personal injury solicitors only if you have provided a valid enough reason, that is, something that is grave enough for your request to be considered.