Why Hire a Disability Attorney?

Why Hire a Disability Attorney?

Choosing to file for disability is a big decision which can be disconcerting. After all, there are stories of people who should have been eligible being denied. It’s a common story in disability law. Someone cannot work anymore because of a mental or physical condition, but simply cannot get through the red tape of getting financial help. In other cases, you may get a condition but think you are ineligible, putting yourself in danger physically and emotionally by continuing to work.

There is, of course, nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having a disability. It can be hurtful in some ways to appeal to help from someone else; we can all get proud. At some point you have to admit you need help, at least for a while. You decide to apply for disability, but again, there are stories of difficulties in filing.

How can you successfully file? Hiring a disability lawyer can be very beneficial. It costs too much, right? Read on and see if it’s worth it.

Apply Based on Eligibility

You may be eligible for more programs than you know. For example, you may not have thought to apply for medical assistance, only applying for Social Security. An experienced disability attorney can make sure you take full advantage of all the government assistance programs available. This is invaluable help on a subject you likely are new too.

Back Pay

If you were eligible for disability five years ago, guess what? You may have tens of thousands in back pay. For example, if you were hurt at work 3 years ago and were unable to work since then, perhaps being treated for a serious condition, a disability lawyer can help you get the payments as far back as the time you stopped working. If it’s a mental disability making you unable to work, it’s no different.

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Since applying for aid can be problematic, an experienced disability attorney can formulate a good strategy. This includes making sure you apply for all available programs, you get back pay, you are set for the future financially, and you get the medical help you need. If there are problems in the filing, such as proving past disability pay, an attorney can find the necessary proof.

Good News – Fees

You can afford a disability attorney. The point is to get help because you need money; therefore, a lawyer knows he or she cannot make money from you unless the disability is successful. Most are more than willing to take a portion payments such as back pay in order to pay for it. If you have 1-2 year back pay coming, he or she can take a portion of that in exchange. There are many experienced disability attorneys who will do this.